Aria in ETSI ENI Progress Report at SDN NFV World Congress

Aria’s Head of Research Outlines ETSI ENI’s AI Use Cases in The Hague Over the last few years, Layer123’s SDN NFV World Congress has emerged as the best place to assess the mood and state of progressive thinking in telecom operations. So it’s fitting that this year’s program includes a progress report from the Experiential […]

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Aria Network Navigator Delivers Network Visualisation for Execs

Today we’re announcing the launch of Aria Network Navigator! In our discussions with network operators of all shapes and sizes, one need calls out more frequently than any other – “I just want to see my network!” With the launch of Aria Network Navigator, that need is answered!   What operators mean is that their […]

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New Report Predicts $36bn Market for AI in Telecom

A new report from Tractica Research provides the most extensive survey yet of the Telecom AI software landscape, and makes some bold predictions: not least a market size in excess of $36bn annually by 2025. Also notable is that Network Operations Monitoring and Management is by far the largest segment, dwarfing service provider spend on […]

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Aria Networks Shows Off Self-Healing Video Distribution Using SDN+AI Combo

Shows how AI+SDN can realize a self-healing video service AI can intelligently design services in real time SDN+AI is required to achieve true on-demand, zero-touch networks, at scale 1 November 2017 – LONDON, UK: AI and networking pioneer Aria Networks is showing how the combination of software-defined networking (SDN) and AI can be used to […]

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Aria Talks AI, Automation, SDN and OSS at LightReading’s OSS/SDN Event

If 2017 was the year of NFV, then 2018 looks like the year of “automation”. At least if the recent SDN/NFV Forum in The Hague is anything to go by. And that’s good news, because it’s a return to the historic focus for OSS. The bad news is that over the last few years, almost […]

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OSS, SDN and Understanding Automation

LightReading’s upcoming OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV is, to my knowledge, the only industry event to explicitly reference both OSS and SDN in its title. Which is odd, given how much talk there was about Operations at last week’s (excellent) SDN Forum in The Hague. However it seems like perhaps the distinct […]

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