5G – Hype or Opportunity? Cambridge Wireless SIG Meeting 8 Feb 2017

According to LightReading, 5G is set to dominate the upcoming Mobile World Congress. So it was timely to get ahead of the curve (and the crowds) at this week’s Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group (SIG) session on 5G hosted by BT. Aria CTO Jay Perrett opened up the technical presentations by pointing out that 5G […]

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OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV: Three Takeaways

LightReading’s “OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV” event in London last week provided a perfect snapshot of the state of the industry. Unfortunately, it ain’t that pretty. That’s not to say attendees didn’t learn anything. On the contrary, it was very informative. But what we learned wasn’t necessarily something wrapped up nicely in […]

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Machine Learning Enables the Future Network

A new report from ABI Research suggests that telcos are expanding their plans for using machine learning. Specifically, exploring ways that machine learning can make network operations more intelligent, automated and efficient. Much of the focus on AI and Machine Learning in telecom is on customer-facing functions such as support and service queries. But ABI […]

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10 Questions for OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV

Next week’s HeavyReading event “OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV” should be interesting. It’s certainly timely. Because judging by last month’s SDN Congress in The Hague, there’s a real lack of clarity over how established OSS will fit with the emerging virtualized functions. As highlighted elsewhere, published reference architectures for NFV all include […]

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Top 10 in SDN: Your SDN Congress Primer

Next week’s SDN Congress will cover a lot of ground. In this fast-moving area, it’s important to keep track of the various acronyms and initiatives. Here’s Aria Networks’ guide to the essential industry initiatives, acronyms, buzzwords and hot topics you’ll need to hit the ground running. 1. Ocean Project Ocean is Vodafone’s umbrella name for its vast […]

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IoT: Telecom’s Trillion Dollar Challenge

The Internet of Things is generating a fresh round of charts projecting growth and revenue. And for service providers, some analysts are predicting a trillion dollars worth of potential services revenue. But the projections gloss over some critical dependencies that a future of 50 billion connected devices rests on. To start with, designing, developing and connecting all these new […]

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