Top 10 in SDN: Your SDN Congress Primer

Next week’s SDN Congress will cover a lot of ground. In this fast-moving area, it’s important to keep track of the various acronyms and initiatives. Here’s Aria Networks’ guide to the essential industry initiatives, acronyms, buzzwords and hot topics you’ll need to hit the ground running. 1. Ocean Project Ocean is Vodafone’s umbrella name for its vast […]

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IoT: Telecom’s Trillion Dollar Challenge

The Internet of Things is generating a fresh round of charts projecting growth and revenue. And for service providers, some analysts are predicting a trillion dollars worth of potential services revenue. But the projections gloss over some critical dependencies that a future of 50 billion connected devices rests on. To start with, designing, developing and connecting all these new […]

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What is Optimisation?

While “optimisation” is self-evidently A Good Thing in principle, it isn’t always clear what exactly it means in practice – with frustrating consequences. Witness telecom analyst Dean Bubley’s recent comment: Does that mean we should disregard every claim of optimisation? Or can we actually solve the problem? Part of the problem is that “optimisation” always comes […]

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Video Traffic Forecasts: More Than Just The Numbers

A new report from Ovum, commissioned by Huawei, forecasts that 75% of all 4G traffic will be video by 2020. Not much of a surprise there, perhaps. But for service providers, video is much more than just additional traffic. Of course, transporting video requires a lot more bandwidth than for voice, texts or email. But […]

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Transformation Requires More Intelligent Prediction

Recent problems at Telstra should give all telecom carriers pause for thought. Despite a huge and high profile network transformation investment over many years, it seems as if outages are more frequent and more impactful. As LightReading reports, a review of Telstra’s program concluded that more redundancy and better network monitoring were required. This resulted in a […]

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What Automation Did Next

“Automation” is rising back up the agenda for service providers. In part, this is due to continued squeeze on costs, lack of enough specialist resources, and so on. However it also reflects a dawning realisation about virtualization in general, and NFV in particular: automation is the whole point. According to conversations with HeavyReading, over half […]

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