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Who we are

Aria Networks provides AI-based multi-layer routing solutions, allowing CSPs and network owners to visualise, plan, and optimise their entire network operations and service offerings.

Aria’s goal is to remove the headache operators experience when planning and modelling Transport networks. By using our patented software, driven by a powerful AI routing engine, network planners can mould their network within a ‘Sandbox’ to answer those detrimental “What if” questions.

Giving network planners and operators the ability to visualise a multi-vendor, multi-layer & multi technology digital twin of the network – A truly vendor independent planning application.

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Meet our Customers

Recent Case Studies


• Optimised Routing for least delay for Apple
Infotainment @ launch.

• Virtualised down to the port level for a granular failure analysis.

• Cost Modelling new devices.

• Backbone optimisation.

Aria Networks Customer Apple


• Project to carry out Simulation and Optimisation of Tier 1 OTN.

Aria Networks Customer Fujitsu


• Visualise, Plan and Optimise services end to end, from multiple studios to multiple transmitters.

• Complete Demand Separacy from Layer 3 to Optical.

• Reduced failure response time to under 5 minutes.

Aria Networks Customer BT


• Neural Networking to forecast traffic spikes.

• 700k BGP dynamic Route latency optimisation.

• Optimal Flow Calculation.

Aria Networks Customer Huawei


• IP/Optical Network Optimization.

• AI driven network "hyper-growth" that reduced network TCO by 25%.

• Closed-loop orchestration for video streaming using dynamic optimization that adapt to network conditions

Aria Networks Customer Facebook


• Deep NSP Integration.

• 5G End to End Multi-Layer Rollout Planning and Optimisation.

• "Real-time" Network visualisation across multiple layers.

Aria Networks Customer Nokia

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Why Choose Us

Aria have enhanced Visualisation, Planning and Optimisation solution offerings for all service types across the multiple layers of your “Anyhaul” network.

• Including full Multi-Layer Modelling and Routing functionality.

• Web-based Network & End-to-End Service Visualisation and Network Navigation tool (Aria Network Navigator ANN)

Identification and modelling of underlay risks and all business and technical constraints. Ensuring your network resilience and Service SLAs on the “Anyhaul” network(s)

• Underlay geospatial distance analysis and SRG identification capabilities.

• Continuous validation of all protected and disjoint service offerings in your “Anyhaul” Multi-Layer Network.

• Reactive/Proactive Service-Aware failure analysis (scheduled outage impact, and emergency repair)

• Shared Risk Group identifications and management.

• KPI/SLA alignments for complex service fulfilments and offerings.

• Worst Case Failure analysis on current and future planned network states.

Aria now provide a productised, Multi-Layer “Anyhaul” network Forecast planning too. Comprehensive Service-driven Forecasts can be created using the following methodologies.

• Historical Trending analysis and Prediction.

• Linear Growth implementation.

• Service Demand Imports.

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