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Aria Networks

Aria Networks enables CSP’s, mobile & network operators, plus OTT providers, to extract superior business value via multi-layer transport network capacity planning and optimization.

Aria’s patented advanced AI-based solutions bring intelligence and in-sights to leverage more out of your optical, IP/MPLS and mobile backhaul networks.

Aria includes financial, technical & regulatory constraints in the planning, design and operational stages of all services and solutions. Advanced visibility and insights enable enhanced network resilience, lower latency service design plus cost optimised deployment.

Aria’s AI based tools offer unique insights & benefits for complex Capacity Planning & Optimization, Multi-Layer Network Resilience and Visualisation.

Our solutions allow Service Providers to substantially reduce Time to Market & Cost whilst driving Network and Service Resilience across Multiple Network Layers, thereby exceeding Customer SLAs.

Our AI tools also enable the automation of the comprehensive analysis of Service Resilience across a Network through the identification of Risk Points and SRGs (shared risk groups).

Aria Networks’ customers include major US and European fixed & mobile telcos plus some of the largest over-the-top social network providers.

Our Story

Aria Networks Founded

Founder, Dr Jay Perrett, spent over 25 years developing evolutionary computing and Artificial Intelligence in academia and industry. With this knowledge and passion for improvement, Aria Networks was formed.

Aria's flagship software: iVNT released

Aria releases a revolutionary planning and optimisation tool which gives you the power to enhance and plan routes for large topologies without affecting the live network. Read more about the intelligent virtual network topology here.

OSS innovation award won

Aria was thrilled to receive industry recognition and pick up the coveted OSS Innovation award at a red carpet ceremony hosted by Pipeline Magazine, during the TMF Live! event in Nice. Read more here.

Large BT contract won (Media & Broadcast)

Leveraging Aria Network’s comprehensive service routing and optimisation solution for the planning and design of large scale, Point to Multipoint disjoint LSP groups with full service separacy, on an ever evolving and optimal network. Read more here

Large BT contract won (Step-T Global Enterprise)

BT goes live with a bespoke tool which automates the design and provisioning of core network services. The new Strategic Traffic Engineering and Planning Tool (STEP-T) incorporates a “digital twin” of the carriers core network, combined. Read more here.

Facebook (now Meta) & Apple contracts won

Aria Networks provided a ground-breaking approach to Facebook – taking to optimising its IP and optical layers together, supporting its hyper-exponential growth economically. Apple info here

Awarded patent for modelling the internet

Aria Networks was awarded a patent for its innovative approach to modelling massively complex networks in 2019. Read more about this here.

TMForum Tour de France

In 2017, TM Forum’s 5G service operations Catalyst addressed the challenges operators face as they prepare for 5G network slicing, specifically how to manage slices end to end across digital ecosystems. Read more here.

Aria launch new read-only visualisation tool: ANN

Another flagship product is launched – the Aria Network Navigator. ANN gives the power to see the network in a quick and easy way. To explore how networks and services are configured and delivered across the infrastructures and layers of the network(s). Learn more about this product here.

Large 5G contract won

Aria wins a huge multi-year contract to supply its core network resilience and optimisation tools as part of the roll-out of the 5G mobile network in the Australasian region. Read more here.

TMForum 5G Gaming Catalyst

We closely worked with Telia, Game Cloud Network, AT&T, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ericsson & EPAM Systems during this catalyst. Take a look at our recent 5G gaming project with URLLC network optimisation here.

Hywel Edwards appointed new CEO

Hywel Edwards joins Aria Networks as the new CEO, with more than 20 years experience within the CSP environment.  Find out more about Hywel and the leadership team here.