What We Do

Aria Networks provides AI-based solutions for automating and optimizing the supply chain that delivers services for digital economy service providers and data center operators. 

Aria Networks is an independent and technology-agnostic software provider for telecommunications, cloud, data centre, over-the-top (OTT) and social network service providers. Aria’s applications are underpinned by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology and enable the dynamic optimization of network and/or data center resources.

Our approach is distinctive, and uniquely powerful: using holistic, business-driven optimization, Aria can determine the configuration required to meet any set of constraints: most profitable, lowest cost, most resilient or more. In real time.

Our applications optimize the design, build and operation of networks from the data center to the internet from a unique perspective: business objectives. This results in an autonomous, intelligent, business-driven network that delivers results straight to the bottom line.

Aria’ s customers include tier-1  telecom service providers and the world’s largest internet companies.


Our DNA is literally just that – Aria’s artificial intelligence platform was first used by Celera Genome as part of their ground breaking research on the mapping of the human genome. We then went on to apply the technology platform to the pharmaceutical industry selling licences to the likes of Glaxo.

Since 2005 Aria has been applying its sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to help service providers to efficiently plan and manage capacity. We work with some of the largest web-scale IT and network providers in the world to optimize current assets, plan network upgrades and predict the impact of new services by using the power of big data to accurately predict in real time the current and future capacity demands. This enables service providers to make their network decisions based on business objectives rather than technical considerations.

Through taking a unique, patented approach to multi-layer network management only Aria can provide a truly holistic view. Aria Networks is the only vendor independent capacity planning and orchestration software to work across all infrastructure, technology and networks. The company delivers real time capacity insight that enables service providers to plan, manage, automate and develop their operational agility, enabling them to fully optimize under-utilized infrastructure and accurately plan future investment.