Accelerate Revenue

In the Digital Economy, it’s all about meeting customer demand – fast.

Aria helps service providers accelerate their time to revenue by:

  • giving sales teams direct and unprecedented insight into network resources
  • revealing “quick win” sales potential from existing under-used capacity or resources
  • automating the design of complex enterprise services such as multi-site VPNs
  • reducing bid response timeframes from weeks to hours
  • giving sales engineers the power to model alternative service designs to maximise profitability while satisfying service level and quality constraints

And once a service is delivered, Aria helps ensure continuity of revenue by:

  • automatically designing the network changes needed to maintain services in the event of outages
  • suggesting alternative designs to maximise profit margins as the network evolves
  • ensuring existing services and quality levels are maintained as additonal traffic is added to the network

Aria’s apps offer Sales teams the insight and power to accelerate revenue and maintain or even grow margins.

Apps that help accelerate revenue include:

  • forecasting
  • margin analysis

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