Aria Applications

Leveraging Aria’s underlying capabilities is a suite of applications that help service providers accelerate or automate complex processes.

These provide views and capabilities across all network layers, domains, vendors and technologies.



Still working off spreadsheets? 

See your network in whole new, interactive way. View and navigate network connectivity, link utilization in a single or multi-layer network.

Worst Case Failure

Know what your worst failure scenario would be?

Identify the worst case scenario for Nodes, Links, and SRGs. Visualize resulting utilization, hotspot identification and root cause analysis.


What’s the best option across layers, vendors?

Automatically route IP, TE, optical, BGP traffic on greenfield/brownfield networks over multiple layers. Generate CLIs for common vendors equipment.

Traffic Modeling

What if…? 

Manipulate demand matrices for growth, service profile, traffic scheduling, traffic prediction, routing incorporating results from Worst Case failure analysis.

Failure Impact

How to work around the workaround?

See how to cope with Planned Engineering Works, Emergency Repair, Protection schemes.

Bulk Optimization

The Big One: defrag an entire network.

Optimize all services simultaneously across single or multiple layers to rationalize resources and reduce costs.


Know where you’re vulnerable?

Reveal the impact of multiple node, link or SRGs, protection impacts, multi-layer capacity exhaustion, number of failures to disconnect, market/growth sensitivity, and burst analysis.


Can you quantify the savings?

Generate reports covering utilization, cost of protection, revenue vs. transport, Build vs. lease, defrag cost saving, etc.

What If…?

Can you weigh up all the options?

Automate or manually invoke insightful What-If analyses and reports, e.g. network augments, metric optimization, comparative protection schemes, headroom analysis and also create bespoke analyses.

NFV Optimizer

The What, Where, When, Why and How of NFV placement

Scale in/out of NFV components, choice of vendors, architecture, Just-in-time provisioning, QoS optimization, Resource placement/Optimization, multilayer optimization, Grooming/Switching and automatic cost optimization.

Contract Analysis

Where could we do more for less?

Investigate leased line optimization, BGP contract engineering and interconnect costing/optimization.

Margin Analysis

Looking for slam-dunk sales opportunities?

Uncover new sales potential by finding and freeing up high margin capacity.

If you have a requirement that’s not listed here, let us know!