Aria Network Navigator

Being able to visualise a network, in its current, future or planned states, is an essential requirement for any telco or large enterprise.

But getting to one single view is often a problem:

  • data is locked in vendor-specific management systems
  • data is fragmented across a range of sources, including spreadsheets and legacy systems
  • data is highly detailed, complex and difficult to filter
  • puts unnecessary workload on busy network experts

Aria Network Navigator (“ANN”) is the solution.


Aria Network Navigator offers a way for many users across the business to see exactly what they’re interested in – without excessive complexity, and without having to assemble data by hand.

Using data already compiled from disparate sources in Aria’s Intelligent Virtual Network Topology (iVNT) platform, Aria Network Navigator provides fast, comprehensive, revealing views into a network’s structure and condition:

  • instantly identify over-loaded links
  • explore end-to-end service routes
  • reveal services in breach of SLAs for disjointedness or other criteria


ANN can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Sales and Pre-sales – to quickly assess customer network condition and potential capacity shortfalls
  • Sales and Pre-sales – to qualify and assess the network’s ability to fulfil the customer’s orders
  • Service Assurance – to discover where service level agreements are being breached
  • Network Planning – to reveal high or low utilisation levels and input to future plans
  • Enterprise Account Teams – to share a near-live view of network with the customer and highlight potential expansion needs and possibilities

With Aria Network Navigator, a simple drag-and-drop is all that’s required to allow users to explore networks and services.

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