In November we talked about the way in which cloud computing continues to disrupt the technology landscape; making products and services that were previously out of financial reach to the majority of businesses, available at the click of a switch.  In parallel to this, the service provider arena is also gaining momentum and it was exactly this audience that we had in mind when we developed, and launched, our new application suite.

Working with Aria Networks, service providers can now extend their portfolio to offer a way to visualise, optimise and self-heal complex data networks via a series of 12 applications which are available as SaaS, or downloadable to run CPE or via a private cloud.

Low cost, easy entry to market is now a critical factor for any organisation when considering the adoption of a new technology, whilst for the business user scalability will be vital.  A compelling market driver for this new suite of applications is that it was designed to address all these potential issues.  The combined functionalities enable network operators to efficiently automate complex network operations such as traffic and topology modelling, predicting the impact of failure on the network and providing insight into margin and contract profitability.  It’s game changing.

These new applications echo our ongoing commitment to seeing our company grow in the Self-optimizing Network (SON) markets.  We already work with some of the largest brands in the telecommunications and internet space and by adopting a Software as a Service (SaaS) model we are positioning ourselves to deliver applications globally in a market expected to be worth $5.3 billion by 2018 (source: Infonetics SON report, December 2013).

As a result of the changing markets and the new opportunities that are now in our sights, we are also introducing an “Operator Maturity Index”.  This has been designed to not only help our service provider partners assess their operation and identify gaps in the management of physical and virtual resources but it also then enables them to improve the return of investment for their network assets – they then deploy our suite of applications to automate and optimize operational processes.

Essentially, we have worked to identify common issues that arise when working to deliver a self-optimizing network.  The application suite acts as the perfect business solution to enable service providers to quickly identify functions that can be automated, so the impact of the software can be tested and then applied to the network to optimise functionality, drive improved transparency and ultimately increase revenues and profitability. It really is that simple.