“AI” covers such a huge range of topics that for business people, it’s not always obvious which particular techniques matter for which kinds of problem.

So we were delighted to spend some time talking with Dan Faggella recently, on the topic of Genetic Algorithms.

Dan is the founder of TechEmergence, the go-to site for business people who want to understand the real-world impact of AI, in plain language, across multiple industry verticals.

In a 25-minute podcast, Aria CTO Jay Perrett explains what genetic algorithms are, and how they can be used to accelerate the path towards a solution for complex, multi-variable problems. Dan does a great job summarizing for the non-specialist, and relating to real-world situations.

Genetic algorithms can arrive at a optimal solution within seconds.

Around 12 minutes in, Jay gives a concrete example: determining the optimal configuration of a multi-layer communications network with hundreds of adjustable parameters – and consequential effects. What makes this an ideal use case for genetic algorithms is the complexity of understanding the effect of changes on the network. Human intelligence would take decades to map out all the options. Genetic algorithms can arrive at a optimal solution within minutes or even seconds.

In telecom, the application of AI to networks is still in its early stages. But as Jay explains, genetic algorithms are key to establishing the intelligent, automated, adaptable networks and operations that communications providers are aiming for.

Great talking with you, Dan!

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