Today we’re announcing the launch of Aria Network Navigator!

In our discussions with network operators of all shapes and sizes, one need calls out more frequently than any other – “I just want to see my network!” : With the launch of Aria Network Navigator, that need is answered!


What operators mean is that their network data is often spread across many different systems and sources and that it’s extremely difficult to bring that information into a single, coherent, fit-for-purpose view.

Just imagine what you could do if everyone had the information they needed right in front of them?

  • Key Account reps could show customers exactly what their network looks like – and visually plan network upgrades
  • Network Operations can focus on maintaining the network – not endlessly assembling data for management reports
  • Executives can visualise exactly what risks and issues their technical teams are trying to highlight

These benefits are exactly what Aria Network Navigator delivers.

Typically, there are a number of inventory systems, multiple vendor-specific management systems, and – inevitably – spreadsheets containing “special” information, from alternate names for services to shared risk group definitions.

And since some of those systems are directly network-facing, access to them is very restricted. Users with a need only to view information (such as account managers or executives) have no access to key information.

Aria Network Navigator – “ANN” for short – changes all that.

Aria Network Navigator Demand View P2MP


Now, from a web browser, business users can quickly and easily explore networks and services, identifying potential problems – and opportunities – instantly.

ANN is compatible with the latest version of Aria’s Intelligent Virtual Network Topology (iVNT) platform.

You can check out more details about ANN here.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of ANN, contact us.