We are delighted to confirm that we were selected as winners of Best Early Stage investment in a Disruptive Technology by the UK Business Angels Association.

The award was presented by Nigel Walker from the UK Technology Strategy Board, who said the judges felt Aria Networks demonstrated: “significant capacity to seriously disrupt the global telecommunications market, offering massive efficiency and cost savings to increase the growth of data traffic.”

Tony Fallows, CEO of Aria Networks accepted the award at a ceremony at Liverpool Cathedral.  He commented: “Winning this award demonstrates the huge potential that effective capacity planning and orchestration can have on the bottom line of networks and data centres.  Aria Networks is now in a position to help deliver Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Data Centres (SDDC) that transform the way networks and data centres deliver services to customers.”

This award is great recognition of our innovation and we would like to thank the support of Seraphim Capital in assisting us in winning.