Flicking through the Harvard Business Review recently I happened upon an article about artificial intelligence (AI) so took some time out to read what was being said.  The upshot of the piece was that ‘Artificial Intelligence is almost ready for business.  But I disagree.  I think we are already ready.

Yes, it may well be in the past that AI was found only in the far-reaching realms of the movie industry, wrapped in the suspension of disbelief, but today it’s very much a real and working concept.  Perhaps we just don’t appreciate how much it is already here?

AI helps deliver relevant purchase suggestions we may be interested in online.  It also powers the “you may also know” sections of popular networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook with almost unerring accuracy.  When a friend or connection suggestion appears and it is accurate, it’s thanks to AI.

All this is a result of super-quick data analysis, giving systems access to varying levels of artificial intelligence – tools built in to watch our key swipes and click-throughs, establish a profile on us and then deliver answers or make recommendations that should ultimately make our lives easier, or perhaps more enjoyable, or at least encourage us to part with our hard-earned cash!

On a wider more complex scale, artificial intelligence is already working very effectively across the networks we use in and outside of work and across the internet.  With the explosion in data demand, networks that were growing quickly anyway are now exploding.  This demands smarter ways to manage connectivity in order to avoid delays and customer disappointment.  The way data is routed over the internet, to deliver the most efficient route from one end of the connection to the other, can be significantly enhanced by the application of AI.

This has other benefits.  Service providers are now able to effectively predict network behaviour ahead of a significant product launch or introduce new promotions to test the system, and repair any areas of potential weakness, ahead of a rush of users all vying for access at the same time.  Shortly super-intelligent networks will also self-optimise, dynamically identifying where capacity exists and which traffic should get priority, and make those changes in real-time without any human intervention required at all.

The benefits to the service provider are clear: better optimisation of resources; more predictable current and future investment and the ability to confidently provide service level agreements to customers.  Aria Networks is applying AI today to solve these incredibly complex issues faster and more effectively than an army of humans.

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