Mobile World Congress seems bigger and busier than ever. As predicted, 5G and IoT have been much in evidence, but the show daily newspaper headlined with AI, referencing keynotes from the GSMA, Korea Telecom and Telefonica.

A lot of the focus is on “smartening up” everyday tasks or customer interactions. However, there’s an increasing recognition of the potential – and more importantly the need – for using AI to have networks drive themselves.

Yesterday, Ericsson’s CEO Borje Ekholm talked about the importance of AI for automating networks and enabling 5G.

Ericsson CEO referred to an “AI-powered network”, something that the industry seems to be increasingly realizing will underpin pretty much any direction for future growth – whichever way you’re looking.

Aria has made huge steps in this direction already, announcing plans to integrate AI into a third party, open-source based, SDN controller.