You may have noticed our announcement that Aria Networks has entered into an OEM partnership with Packet Design; a technology enabler that helps the world’s leading network operators, enterprises and government agencies to assure the delivery of critical services across the cloud.

We connected with Packet Design as we were motivated by their vision – to be the premier source of intelligence to optimise the performance and control of physical and virtual networks. The company is already bringing vendor-agnostic SDN analytics and orchestration products to market and actively engaging with early adopters.

As a result of the agreement Packet Design will resell the Aria Networks’ network planning and optimization software with its own Explorer suite of network service assurance products, giving service providers expanded network visibility and control, along with the ability to optimize network resources for peak performance under varying conditions.

There were a number of strong business reasons for both organisations to join forces and because of the synergy between the companies’ product sets, Aria Networks and Packet Design already share service provider customers worldwide. But, importantly, it also fulfilled a strategic business goal for Aria Networks – our decision to further productise our solution to better support OEM and reseller models.  This alliance ultimately presented the ideal opportunity to bring this new collaborative work-model to market at a time in which Aria Networks had also identified that current clients were looking for more ‘total solutions’, purposefully steering away from dealing with the, often painful, integration of multi point solutions.

The powerful combination of these complementary technological approaches presents a unique market opportunity: delivering the fundamental components and capabilities to customers to design, optimise and manage next-generation networks.  Aria Networks has already taken a pioneering approach to bringing Artificial Intelligence with genetic algorithms into the TELCO/IP world, yet together with Packet Design it can now bridge traditionally separated domains in order to deliver the ultimate objective for any network – a seamless user experience.

Fundamentally, Packet Design is focused on the business goal of closing the network service assurance gap. While myriad tools monitor and measure all elements of the network none can accurately correlate the performance of critical services delivered across the network to routing behaviour. For operators, not having sight of this is a significant issue whilst adding additional technologies such as virtualisation, cloud computing and the outsourcing of network services further exacerbates the problem by bringing more complexity and obscuring how critical traffic is routed. Management dashboards can therefore appear ‘green’ whilst in parallel the help desk is receiving complaints of outages and performance issues.

To close this management gap, network operators, enterprises and government entities around the world have already turned to Packet Design to improve network availability and performance, deliver new services faster and more economically and improve customer satisfaction.

At Aria Networks we fully appreciate that a key challenge of our customers is ensuring the ROI of their network services; whilst at the same time this is becoming increasingly marginalised.  They also face the urgent need to automate and optimise their infrastructure to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.  The opportunity here, for Packet Design and Aria Networks, is to support these customers together by ensuring that ‘time-to-market’ of new services becomes a key differentiator – shortening new service roll out cycles from months to days.

Knowledge sharing will always propel like-minded companies forward but collaboration lays the foundations on which entirely new paths can be built.