Whitepaper: Capacity Management and Orchestration for Virtualised Networks

Posted on: 16th August 2014

Service providers and data center operators are looking to SDN and NFV to enable greater agility and flexibility.

But virtual or otherwise, there will still be limits on what resources are (or can be) available for use at any point in time, and intelligent decisions to be made about which resources to use.

This is Capacity Management, and in the virtual world, it underpins service providers’ ability to be agile.

This wide-ranging paper explores:

  • software-defined networks vs data center views of capacity
  • the changing economics behind capacity management
  • creating an abstracted view of capacity
  • the path to a self-optimizing network
  • the need for an Orchestrator of Orchestrators

This paper makes excellent reading for:

  • Strategic Network Architects
  • Heads of SDN/NFV and Virtualization
  • Heads of Operations
  • Network Planning & Engineering