Business-Driven Optimization

Service providers have always wanted to automate key processes. But processes that involve planning or executing network change have been particularly difficult to automate.

This is because decisions about how, where and when to change the network depend on a wide range of factors, owned across many different departments within the business. For example:

  • technical factors – such as cost, latency, disjointedness or resilience requirements
  • commercial factors – such as margin
  • regulatory factors – such as power consumption or source-based routing

In addition, understanding the effect on current and predicted demand, or changes to quality of service requirements, make finding an optimal solution an impossible task for any one person.

optimization-perspectivesWays to optimize therefore take months, even against only against a narrow set of constraints, resulting in:

  • poorly timed or unnecessary expenditure – leaving 50-60% of capacity unused
  • hidden risks to revenue or service quality – potentially catastrophic failures
  • lack of scalability – processes that cannot grow profitably with increased demand

However, with rising demand and customer expectation, it has become critical for service providers to ensure that network changes are planned and executed in perfect alignment with business objectives.

The solution is what Aria calls Business-Driven Optimization. 

Introducing Business Driven Optimization

Business-Driven Optimization is a new approach to the problem of how to deliver services in an optimal way.

With Business-Driven Optimization, business objectives are codified and encapsulated alongside technical and other constraints into a model of the business, its services and network. (For a more in-depth comparison of optimization approaches, see here).

Artificial Intelligence is used to determine the optimal solution (that is, the “best” configuration of network, taking all factors into consideration) for a given service request or traffic demand.

Unlike conventional optimization techniques, Business-Driven Optimization is a continuous process, adapting in real-time to new and changed information such as:

  • spikes in traffic or demand
  • changes in service quality thresholds
  • network failures (planned or unplanned)

As such, Business-Driven Optimization is an approach and technology solution that meets the urgent requirements of today’s service providers: autonomous, intelligent, dynamic, ultra-lean operations.

Aria’s Business-Driven Optimization technology is an integral part of our Predictive & Dynamic Optimization products, and market solutions.

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