OSS, SDN and Understanding Automation

LightReading’s upcoming OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV is, to my knowledge, the only industry event to explicitly reference both OSS and SDN in its title. Which is odd, given how much talk there was about Operations at last week’s (excellent) SDN Forum in The Hague. However it seems like perhaps the distinct […]

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What good is insight…without action?

“Closing the loop” isn’t possible, unless you’re able to act intelligently.   The prominence of Big Data in recent years across many verticals, not just telecom, has given businesses new insight into complex data sets. But that’s only addressed one part of the problem. The key question is less “what?” than “what now?” Because the […]

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SDN/NFV: Not Just for the Big Players

The virtualization plans of the largest operators and vendors understandably attract the most attention. But they’re not the only ones with ambitious plans – and impressive progress. Last week’s SDN/NFV workshop hosted by INCA – the Independent Networks Co-operative Association – provided plenty of insights into the views and experiences of the UK’s alternative operators. […]

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Regulator’s £1.9m Fine Highlights Importance of Vulnerability Analysis

UK mobile operator 3 has been fined £1.9m – not for an actual outage, but for a network design that would have compromised access to the emergency services, breaching a condition of its license. That 3 had an unidentified single point of failure in its network is surprising enough. However, somewhat embarrassing is that the […]

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Aria Scoops OSS Innovation Award

Aria was thrilled to pick up the coveted OSS Innovation award at a red carpet ceremony hosted by Pipeline Magazine, during the TMF Live! event in Nice last night. The awards ceremony was held at the legendary Negresco Hotel, on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice. The Pipeline awards are among the most fiercely contested in the […]

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Aria Finalist in OSS Innovation Award 2017

  Over the last year, many telcos have been vociferous on their calls for new thinking from their vendors. Not just new variants of existing ideas, but true innovation: novel technology, applied in new ways, to solve real business problems. Hence the increased relevance of Pipeline Magazine’s annual OSS Innovation awards, coincident with the TM […]

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