Aria Finalist in OSS Innovation Award 2017

  Over the last year, many telcos have been vociferous on their calls for new thinking from their vendors. Not just new variants of existing ideas, but true innovation: novel technology, applied in new ways, to solve real business problems. Hence the increased relevance of Pipeline Magazine’s annual OSS Innovation awards, coincident with the TM […]

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Why Orchestration Needs AI

The great promise of virtualization – SDN and NFV in particular – has been the ability to make rapid, instantaneous change to networks. The freedom to expand required resources seamlessly, without limitation. The replacement of physical work conducted in the field (having been planned for, budgeted for, resourced for, ahead of time) with electronic control, […]

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Aria CTO Talks Genetic Algorithms with TechEmergence

“AI” covers such a huge range of topics that for business people, it’s not always obvious which particular techniques matter for which kinds of problem. So we were delighted to spend some time talking with Dan Faggella recently, on the topic of Genetic Algorithms. Dan is the founder of TechEmergence, the go-to site for business […]

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When Galaxies Collide: Vodafone India and Idea Cellular Merge

The merger between two of India’s largest mobile operators – Vodafone India and Idea Cellular – will create a new market leader for India, ahead of Bharti Airtel. But rationalising on such a scale will require a new level of analysis, decision-making and ultimately re-design. The scale of the merger is reflected in the cost savings anticipated as […]

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MWC Day 1: AI Headlines (and it’s not just chatbots)

Mobile World Congress seems bigger and busier than ever. As predicted, 5G and IoT have been much in evidence, but the show daily newspaper headlined with AI, referencing keynotes from the GSMA, Korea Telecom and Telefonica. A lot of the focus is on “smartening up” everyday tasks or customer interactions. However, there’s an increasing recognition […]

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5G – Hype or Opportunity? Cambridge Wireless SIG Meeting 8 Feb 2017

According to LightReading, 5G is set to dominate the upcoming Mobile World Congress. So it was timely to get ahead of the curve (and the crowds) at this week’s Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group (SIG) session on 5G hosted by BT. Aria CTO Jay Perrett opened up the technical presentations by pointing out that 5G […]

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