Industry Collaborations

In the Digital Economy, collaboration between vendors is the new norm. Specialist expertise, open interfaces, and a spirit of co-operation can achieve incredible results, incredibly quickly.

Aria Networks has been an integral part of high-profile industry collaborations, under the sponsorship of Tier 1 service providers such as AT&T, NTT and Vodafone.

The rollout of virtualized services through NFV and 5G networks are a particular focus of industry proof-of-concepts.

Mobile World Congress 2016: Vodafone “VPN+”

Showcasing a proof-of-concept for NFV-based business services (“VPN+”), Vodafone demonstrated a multi-vendor solution able to deliver services in seconds.

The solution was widely featured in trade media.

Since June 2015, Vodafone’s ongoing initiative, codenamed ‘Ocean’, is one of the industry’s highest profile virtualization programs.

Collaborating vendors: Amdocs, Fortinet, Juniper, WeDo.

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TMForum Catalyst: 5G Network Slicing

5G wireless technology offers the possibility of creating dedicated network ‘slices’ on demand, to support differentiated service experiences or priorities.

Under the sponsorship of AT&T, Aria worked with Ericsson, Viavi and others to demonstrate how business-driven optimisation could dynamically instantiate new network slices to maximise profitability while still meeting constraints to support emergency services.

Collaborating vendors: Viavi, Ericsson

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TMForum Catalyst: Maximizing Profitability with NFV Orchestration

NFV offers dynamic service delivery. But how to use virtual resources in the most efficient way?

In association with Microsoft, JDSU and Ericsson, Aria demonstrated delivery of video from multiple data centres to two points of presence, optimised against a range of business parameters including service level agreements, data centre power consumption and routing cost variations.

The catalyst was sponsored by AT&T and NTT.

Collaborating vendors: JDSU, Ericsson, Microsoft

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