Cut Time-to-Market

In the digital economy, 12-18 months to bring new products to market just isn’t viable.

Service providers are hoping that virtualization using SDN and NFV will help enable new products to be launched in weeks not months.

But beyond the technology, bringing a new product to market successfully requires answering some key questions:

  • can the product be delivered with current resources?
  • what additional capacity (virtual or physical) might be required, where and when?
  • will the service be profitable to deliver?
  • what conditions would jeopardize commercial viability?
  • how might existing services be affected?
  • should we migrate/upgrade services for existing customers? How?

For a typical new product, it can take weeks to answers critical questions like these. And failing to answer them adds significant risk into service providers’ operations, service experience, and ultimately brand.

The problem is that product managers don’t have a way to see the effect of services and demand on the resources used to deliver services. There isn’t a single, unified view of costs and value that sales, marketing and network teams can all refer to, in planning the best way to deliver a new product.

Aria helps cut time-to-market for new products, by giving revealing to product managers and operations teams the effect of new products on existing networks, layers, traffic and costs. This not only saves time, it also helps reduce risks, and ensures service providers are prepared for any eventuality as products take off.

Using Aria, product managers and ops team can:

  • test alternate service designs and see the effect on network traffic
  • model alternate demand forecast scenarios, and anticipate critical capacity shortfalls
  • calculate profit margins for candidate designs
  • allow strategy, marketing and networks teams to use a common, authoritative view of network conditions, impacts and scenarios

In addition, by already integrating with leading BSS, OSS and equipment vendor partners, Aria can rapidly complete a solution for launching and scaling up the rollout of new products.