Dynamic Optimization

In the software-defined network (SDN) world, the expectation is that networks will appear to customers to be infinitely, instantaneously, flexible. That it will be possible to turn up (or down) requirements for connectivity and bandwidth from a simple portal. That temporary boosts of service quality or speed will be just a mouseclick away.

Of course, the service providers will be attempting to process enormous amounts of requests for change, in real time. To achieve speed and scale, service providers and data center operators need an automated means of rationalizing demand from SD-WAN to core network and data center resources. And since resources – virtual or otherwise – will still have practical limits of some sort, there’s a need to prioritize between options.

While orchestration platforms provide the means of co-ordinating much of the supply chain, they need directed by an intelligence that understands what is the optimum design to be implemented.

Introducing Aria

Aria provides exactly the capabilities required to rationalize demands against a holistic view of what is most desirable. Using AI and business-driven optimization, Aria can fulfil the role of a “super-orchestrator”, directing automated configuration platforms with business-optimal designs.

Aria Dynamic Optimization continuously calculates the best solution to a range of technical and business constraints, including:

  • physical capacity – floorspace, rackspace, slots and so on
  • virtual capacities – VNFs, vFirewalls
  • connectivity – links and nodes; owned and leased
  • power consumption and carbon footprint
  • geo-political constraints on traffic routing

Aria provides the final link in a closed-loop orchestration system, applying Predictive Analytics on inputs from network-facing systems, to determine the right way to moderate new service demands.

Aria’s Dynamic Optimization capabilities are accessed through REST APIs, allowing rapid integration into a complete ecosystem for SDN and NFV.

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