IP+Optical Network Optimization

Network operators now have a greater variety of ways to respond to growing demand for capacity. The traditional simple answer – “add more network” – is not only unrealistically expensive, it also overlooks the opportunity for more intelligent ways to use multi-layer (IP+Optical) capacity.

Aria’s AI-based network optimization technology can evaluate and deliver designs for more optimal use of combined IP+Optical networks to support service demands.

In the context of the sort of hyper-growth that Facebook has experienced, optimized designs can reduce network TCO by 25%,  saving costs on high-cost, high capacity equipment – without compromise to service level agreements.

For more detail on Aria’s application to IP+Optical network optimization, check out the presentations and technical paper co-authored by Aria and Facebook below.

Technical Paper (IEEE)

If you’d like your own copy of the paper or to discuss IP+Optical network optimization, contact us.