Leadership Team

Meet the Senior Management Team

Aria Networks CEO George Shanks

George Shanks – CEO

George has more than 30 years management and sales experience in the IT and telecommunications sectors. In a successful career at Oracle he established and led the Telecommunication business division in the UK and co-ordinated telecoms sales across Europe. After leaving to co-found a start-up, he has been CEO of three venture backed technology companies. At JacobsRimell he guided the company over 5 years through a re-structuring process to a successful exit when it was acquired by Amdocs. Initially a practising civil engineer, George has an honours degree in Civil Engineering from Bristol University.

Julian Garrett – Vice President of Operations

Julian has worked in Telecommunications for 22 years, with experience in operators and vendors spanning the globe. Originally from a mobile radio background, Julian has seen the value that proper transport network optimisation can bring, especially in the world of 5G, and with the knowledge that a lot of operators are turning their attention to this part of the network, he sees Aria as a company with a bright future. His other main interests are in the field of OpenRAN, where he is an active contributor to the O-RAN Alliance and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

Archie Wade

Dr Archie Wade – Chief Technology Officer

Archie has worked in AI, optimisation and automation for over 15 years, across academia and industry. He has worked for a variety of companies with a particular focus on research and solutions for telecoms, supply-chains and lean manufacturing. During his five years at Aria, Archie has led work with the TMForum and the ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence ISG, alongside work developing core IP, product and customer solutions.


Darren Martin – Head of Product Strategy & Portfolio

Darren leads Aria’s products & solutions portfolio. He has worked in the Telecommunications Industry for over 20 years, beginning his career in Tier 1 operators, Eir and Vodafone, as a network planner and OSS manager. He has since brought his deep network technology & operations experience to product management roles in software vendors, acting as the key advocate for the network users, and providing the user perspective to all product designs and solutions.
Darren has built comprehensive OSS tools and solutions in both start-up companies as well as in large Tier-1 organisations Oracle and Netsure.

Anne Kelly – Operations Manager

Anne previously worked as a Software Engineer for 14 years and successfully applied her knowledge and expertise to sports coaching.  She brings skills from both these aspects of her life into her Operations role, implementing processes and practices across the organisation, including being a key contributor in strategic planning and financial forecasting. 

Anne also heads up the HR and Finance departments and has a dynamic approach, contributing to Aria’s continuing success and growth.