Patent award recognizes technical breakthrough in simulation of large-scale BGP-based networks. 

18 April 2019 – BATH, UK: UK-based telecom networking and AI specialist Aria Networks has been awarded a patent for its innovative approach to modeling massively complex networks.

Already proven in a project with a global content provider, the newly-patented approach makes it possible to create a realistic model of traffic over the entire internet, on nothing more powerful than a well-specified business PC.

The breakthrough will make it cheaper and easier for content and service providers to ensure a high and reliable quality of experience for internet-dependent services. As operators launch 5G-enabled services, connecting billions more devices to the internet, the complexity of assuring service quality will only increase.

For the increasing volume of services delivered over the internet – think content streaming and gaming let alone communications or 5G/IoT – service providers need a way to simulate the “live” network environment, in order to assure a high quality of experience. In particular, to plan in advance for the impact of network failures or unusual events, such as the release of new season of Game of Thrones or sports finals. But building such a model is extremely difficult, due to the vast amounts of data (and therefore computing power) required.

Aria Networks now has a powerful, patented solution to this problem, which uses an innovative approach to modelling BGP-based networks, such as the internet. The approach uses a simulation of router path selection, together with Aria’s AI-based routing engine, to transform an otherwise lengthy and complex task to one that can be computed on a high-end laptop in seconds.

The result is realistic representation of the internet and the routing and behaviour of traffic through it. This model can form the basis of the simulations, “what if” scenarios and optimisations required to deliver – and assure – high-quality end-user experiences.

The inventors – Dr Jay Perrett from Aria Networks and Omar Alassil (formerly at Aria) tested the approach and algorithm on one of the largest service networks in the world and modelled how it performed under a number of “what-if” scenarios on the whole internet. The service provider said they had never been able to model this volume of data before. In addition, Aria was able to use the model to determine optimal peering points on the basis of commercial as well as technical factors.

The new patent adds to Aria’s existing patents for modelling network capacity and route optimisation in multi-layer networks.

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