Aria Networks, a leading provider of capacity management and planning software solutions for next-generation networks, today announced the release of Capacity Planner 1.1. New features and deployment options make it even easier for users to quickly import their network data, model forecast customer demand, and plan cost-optimal resource upgrades.

The communications industry is going through a period of technology and service change. Service providers have the opportunity to evolve their network with increasing broadband speeds, 4G mobile services and flexible, capacious Ethernet and optical infrastructure. However the current economy means that capital expenditure on new network resources is not available unless it can be clearly justified both in terms of need and being capable of returning a profit.

Aria Networks Capacity Planner is the only OSS product able to model multi-technology networks, service policies, cost models and market-driven traffic forecasts to produce plans for optimised service design and profitable network upgrades.

Capacity Planner 1.1 further extends Aria Networks’ leadership in network analysis, planning and optimization.

New features include:

  • A simple to use Excel interface for importing off-line network data, proposed network topologies, and forecast service demands
  • New reports that provide common bill-of-material data on network resources requirements
  • Configurable user interface menus that allow custom automation, analytics and scripts to be executed as easily as core functionality
  • Deployment options now include quick installation on user workstations for individuals or small teams, as well as maintaining support for shared server-based IT resources

Tony Fallows, Aria Networks CEO, said, “Since announcing the first version of Capacity Planner in early 2010 there has been huge interest in its capability to address capacity management across many fixed-line and mobile use cases. This has led us to focus on making it quicker to deploy and easier to use in order to support the diverse range of service providers and users who need greater insight, control and assurance of their networks’ profitability.”

Since 2005 Aria Networks has been providing solutions for network analysis, planning and optimization. Our customers are able to predict how their network will support service forecasts for the next month, year or five years. Where capacity is needed, they are able to discover which infrastructure meets their needs, when and where it will need to be deployed.