Aria Networks, the provider of capacity management automation and network analytics solutions, today announced iForecast 2.0, offering anyone who can use Microsoft Excel or Aria’s iVNT products the ability to perform sophisticated, accurate trend analysis and predictions.

30 Seconds to Install, 30 Minutes to Learn

iForecast 2.0 is a desk-top application able to automatically discover patterns and relationships  in data sources commonly found in service providers’ OSS and BSS environments. With just a few clicks, historic time-series data or before-and-after sample data are analysed by iForecast 2.0 to build a sophisticated, reusable forecasting model.

Many planners and product managers maintain or manipulate their data using spreadsheets. iForecast 2.0 has been enhanced to work seamlessly with this data to minimise preparation effort, avoid costly integration and ensure users have a simple learning curve before being able to benefit from actionable insight in to their data.

iForecast 2.0 is also tightly coupled with Aria Networks’ iVNT products enabling planning Scenario files to be used as the basis for producing network capacity forecasts. This has the added benefit of allowing the resultant demands, network plans and forecast network traffic to be visualised within iVNT and used as the basis for further planning or optimisation tasks.

iForecast 2.0 builds on Aria Networks’ extensive experience of artificial intelligence to produce a product that is an order of magnitude easier to use than the traditional analytic tools available today. iForecast’s self-learning and self-tuning software removes the need for expert users or a trial-and-error approach to finding the best answer.


Business Advantage in Operations and Business Support Systems

This capability allows service providers to move from having pockets of analytics experts to making forecasting part of day-to-day operational processes, strategic planning and ad-hoc reporting.

iForecast 2.0 can address a broad range of data analysis requirements. Examples include:

  • Accurately forecast trends in per-site equipment port exhaustion to ensure you meet procurement lead-times while minimising warehouse stocks
  • Predict how the introduction of LTE in a cell-site will impact RAN, backhaul and core capacity needs
  • Use historical service and traffic demands to accurately forecast future demands
  • Analyse customer propensity to buy, upgrade or churn when introducing or changing service offerings

Tony Fallows, Aria Networks CEO, said, “It’s no coincidence that we’re announcing iForecast 2.0 today, at Management World 2011. In recent years key note speakers at this event have highlighted the need to unlock the value in service providers’ data, to allow smarter business and operational decisions to be made and to provide insight in to customer behaviour. iForecast 2.0 is making it easier for service providers to ask more questions about their customers, network and services, finding answers in the OSS and BSS data they already have in their organisation.”

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