• Patent issued for Artificial Intelligence (AI) driving network capacity management
  • The first customer deploys patented solution in Europe

 17 March 2016: Aria Networks today announces it has been awarded a new patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  The patent relates to network capacity management of traffic over telecommunications networks, including data communications.

The new patent introduces a capacity computation engine, driven by Artificial Intelligence, which interfaces with a network optimisation evolution engine to determine optimum paths for traffic in a multi-layer network.

Defining network topologies has traditionally been costly and time-consuming.  Whilst modelling tools are available, they are only effective if a network can be made to fit the criteria defined by the toolbox.

Aria Network’s patent granted capacity computation engine enables network service providers to combine computing power, memory, storage and services on-demand to create the most efficient network orchestration against multiple (and often conflicting) criteria such as quality of service and cost.

A major European telecommunications service provider is already implementing this patented functionality.  The project has a go-live date of April 2016 and is expected to automate capacity planning to substantially reduce time to market for new commercial services and assure the quality of service, leading to significant cost savings and improved visibility of network profitability.

“Automating network operations, such as capacity optimisation, is essential for operators,” comments Jay Perrett, Chief Technology Officer at Aria Networks and the named inventor on the patent.  “At each level in the capacity chain, an operator needs to be able to assign a ‘cost’ and, related to that, also use the same language to describe how services use the capacity so lower-cost routes can ultimately be identified.  Once this is achieved it is far easier to optimise network solutions based on the way services demand capacity.”

Perrett also believes that this new approach will also enable operators to model virtual and physical network elements in the same way.

The patent complements the 2014 patent awarded for the Generic Routing Engine (GRE) and further reinforces the Aria Networks’ leadership in the optimisation of complex multi-layer networks.

About Aria Networks

Founded in 2005, Aria Networks is an independent and network agnostic software service provider for network operators, datacentres and high traffic internet services.  Aria Networks facilitates the effective planning, creation and optimisation of networks and datacentres, enabling optimised use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and real-time analysis and resolution of hardware failures.  Aria Networks’ customers include some of the largest global internet companies.