Pioneering UK artificial intelligence (AI) firm Aria Networks has today announced a major agreement with one of China’s largest software application development and systems integrations companies, BOCO Inter Telecom Limited.

The deal will see Aria’s AI-powered analytics and optimization software deployed by BOCO at telecom service providers, initially within two of China’s 31 provinces. China is home to several of the world’s largest fixed mobile and fixed-line service providers, with more than half a billion 4G subscribers alone.

Aria Networks uses AI to predict the need for network capacity upgrades and to determine the optimum route design and configuration of networks. This means operators can optimize multi-million-dollar network investment and expansion plans against growing market demand, increasing agility and eliminating guesswork and the risk of overbuilding.

In a market that is changing rapidly and unpredictably, the ability to intelligently adapt complex networks to meet demand in near real-time offers telcos a vital competitive and customer experience edge.

Aria also uses AI to reveal the robustness of operator networks – the ability to cope with unplanned outages or spikes in demand, such as for global TV events. Operators can not only proactively assess the impact, but use AI to determine a network design to mitigate it. According to Aria Networks CTO Dr Jay Perrett: “Proactively reducing the impact of outages translates directly into protecting revenue and a better customer experience.”

The deal with BOCO follows an evaluation in which Aria used its AI-based optimization to identify future network hotspots on an LTE network, also revealing billions of dollars worth of recoverable capacity.

Aria Networks CEO, Steve Newton, commented: “This new agreement with BOCO will open up significant new market opportunities for us both. Greater automation is high on operators’ agendas worldwide as they look towards more software-controlled operations. Vendors who can demonstrate expertise with innovative technology will gain a new level of trust and responsibility with their telecom customers.”

Mr Xuwen Tian, CEO of BOCO Inter-Telecom, said: “BOCO Inter-Telecom will work closely with Aria Networks in NGOSS and SDN/NFV, leveraging big data and AI to help China’s communications service providers transform traditional operations to intelligent operations, and shift their business strategies from voice to data. At the same time, BOCO Inter-Telecom and Aria will combine operations management experience to develop mature products and promote the products to the global market under China’s ‘One Belt, One Road strategy.”

About BOCO

Boco Co., Ltd. is the State Ministry of Science and the first batch of national key high-tech enterprises and the national innovative enterprises, mainly in telecommunications and broadcasting network management systems, enterprise IT operation support systems, information security, telecommunications and Internet value-added services, Intelligent transportation, highway electromechanical engineering and urban intelligent transportation, intelligent city and other aspects of industry application software development, solutions and technical services. In 2000 the company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.