Aria Networks, a leading provider of Intelligent Software solutions for planning of Next Generation Networks (NGNs), today announce that it has developed iVNT (intelligent Virtual Network Topology) software with KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. of Japan for planning and designing of transparent optical networks.

Aria Networks’ developed its iVNT-Optical product to provide flexible and extensible traffic engineering and path computation capabilities for transparent optical mesh networks based on wavelength switching and GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching), and to quickly and easily integrate into other operational support systems.

iVNT offers advanced planning and optimization of networks and services and enables rapid and accurate planning of complicated transparent optical mesh networks ensuring the network can meet future service demands, deliver exceptional quality of service, and exceed required service levels.

“KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., recognises that for planning of transparent optical mesh networks, multi-constraint-based path computation and planning tools are key elements to process many simultaneous parameters and handle the complex issues of optical constraints and lambda continuity. Furthermore, the integration of control and management together with sophisticated planning and activation systems is mandatory in the future network operation.” said Tomohiro Otani, a senior Manager at KDDI Lab. “We are very impressed with iVNT’s capabilities, and believe it has the intelligence to cope with all of the complexities of planning transparent optical networks to allow us to deploy them effectively and efficiently and to easily integrate into other operational support systems in the future.”

“Transparent optical networks with mesh architectures and dynamic control/management offer the potential to telecoms carriers to reduce equipment and operational costs, better leverage their network assets, and improve the availability of services to their customers,” said Tony Fallows, CEO of Aria Networks. “These business benefits can be realised by using iVNT-Optical to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of planning and operating transparent optical networks.

iVNT-Optical is a part of Aria Networks’ family of iVNT products providing sophisticated path computation and network planning solutions.