Chippenham, UK – 10th October 2011

Aria Networks’ expertise in fixed and mobile network capacity management, optimisation and strategic planning is now available as consulting services

Aria Networks, a leading provider of capacity management and planning software solutions for next-generation networks, today announced consulting services that provide the skill and experience to leverage the capabilities of their iVNT, Capacity Planner and iForecast products to deliver rapid, one-off analysis projects. Communications service providers get the benefit of Aria Networks’ products and expertise without the need for capital investment in software and IT resources.

The communications industry is going through a period of technology and service change. Service providers have the opportunity to evolve their network with increasing broadband speeds, 4G mobile services and flexible, capacious Ethernet and optical infrastructure.

There is no universal ‘right answer’ to the question of which network architecture or service types will offer a service provider financial benefits or business advantages. Service providers do have the ability to answer the fundamental questions about their network evolution and service design for themselves. They have the raw data: Service growth figures; Technology capabilities; Equipment costs.

What most businesses are missing is the ability to analyse their data.

Since 2005 Aria Networks has been providing software solutions for network analysis, planning and optimization. Our customers are able to predict how their network will support service forecasts for the next month, year or five years. Where capacity actually is needed, they are able to discover which infrastructure meets their needs, when and where it will need to be deployed.

Tony Fallows, Aria Networks CEO, added: “In telecoms, change is a constant but there are some planning tasks that are one-offs or are funded as an operational expense. At Aria Networks, we’ve built up years of experience in helping operators understand their networks. We are very pleased to be able to offer this expertise for short-term services projects with rapid, high-value benefits”

Typical projects include:

  • Mobile Network Planning. Optimal design of back-haul and core networks for LTE roll-out
  • Strategic Evolution. Cost/quality comparisons of potential networks topologies, technology and vendors to meet long-term business objectives and service growth
  • Network Survivability. Analysis to determine the impact of faults on customer experience and identify efficient solutions

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