• iVNT deployed by one of the largest web service providers in the world
  • Capacity planning and orchestration software creates SDN for a web giant
  • Saves millions of dollars in infrastructure investment
  • Deployed across IP and optical elements of the network

Aria Networks has deployed its iVNT capacity planning and orchestration software to one of the largest web service providers in the world, helping to create a Software Defined Network (SDN) and drastically reduce network costs.  The software – which is fully operational and in service – enabled the service provider to achieve return on investment within weeks of deployment.

With hundreds of core routers and thousands of router interfaces, this US-based web giant faces a constant challenge to meet the rapidly growing demand of both predictable and unpredictable customer traffic.

iVNT models current capacity trends against capacity loading and future demand, to deliver optimisation of traffic and assets across any combination of networking, computing and storage.  Delivering capacity planning and orchestration across both IP and optical networks, iVNT enables the over-the-top service provider to determine the most effective means to deliver complex web services to users, creating an SDN that will save millions of dollars in infrastructure costs and leased lines.

Tony Fallows, Chief Executive Officer, Aria Networks comments: “iVNT enables this service provider to create an SDN, dynamically delivering the right capacity for demand and contingency and enabling this web service provider to schedule and route traffic to take advantage of under-utilised capacity.  This will save the company many millions in infrastructure costs.”

The complex nature of the service provider’s network, which costs hundreds of millions annually, combined with the evolution of new services delivered on a regular basis, makes accurate capacity planning and orchestration essential to the service.  Aria Networks’ iVNT has enabled the service provider to optimise network assets, delivering a return on investment within weeks of deployment.

Fallows continues: “Effective planning and management of capacity are one of the most challenging issues for networks and service providers.  Too little capacity impacts user experience but too much means expensive infrastructure is not optimised.  iVNT enables this company to run a programmable network that is tightly coupled with data centre traffic demands, enabling network utilisation close to 100% with greater reliability.”

The deployment of iVNT comes after Aria Networks announced it new version of iVNT for software-defined data centres in June 2014.

About Aria Networks

Founded in 2005, Aria Networks is an independent and network-agnostic tool for network operators, data centres and high traffic internet services.  It facilitates the effective planning, creation and optimisation of networks and data centres, enabling the most effective use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and rollouts and real-time analysis and resolution of hardware failures.  Aria Networks’ customers include some of the largest players in the internet space.