6th May 2015: Aria Networks has joined a number of leading companies to become members of Cyan’s Blue Orbit ecosystem of partners that are focused on delivering applications and infrastructure platforms for real-world multi-vendor SDN and NFV deployments.

Blue Orbit was formed in June 2013 to demonstrate interoperability among SDN and NFV solutions from an array of partners and to lessen the risk that network operators would otherwise face and accelerate the delivery of production SDN and NFV use cases.

Blue Orbit partners provide applicable solution elements to Cyan’s California-based Blue Orbit Lab. From this facility, Cyan, Blue Orbit partners and customers are able to test and demonstrate the deployment of SDN and NFV solutions.

Aria Networks joins companies such as Intel, VMware, Brocade and Wind River as partners in Blue Orbit.

Chief Commercial Officer Wolrad Claudy commented: “Being a member of the Blue Orbit ecosystem is important to Aria Networks as it reduces the risk of interoperability issues in SDN and NFV deployments for our customers. An active and proven ecosystem is essential in order to realize the full opportunity offered by SDN and NFV and to ensure that operators can manage the journey towards the self-organized/self-optimizing network.”