• Multi-layer network optimisation software significantly enhanced
  • Delivers improved network scalability planning and operational network orchestration in real-time
  • New software version 3.2 deployed by one of the best-known technology brands in the world

16 July 2015: Aria Networks today launched version 3.2 of its software suite for network planning and optimisation.  This version has already been adopted for network planning and operational deployment by a large Over-The-Top (OTT) service provider, vastly improving the planning and performance of this global network.

This latest version of Aria Network’s software suite provides significant enhancements for multi-layer optimisation and addresses a wide range of issues faced by large fixed, mobile and OTT networks including:

  • Failure analysis and fast re-route
  • Fast network rollout including automation of additional network nodes
  • LSP path optimisation
  • Traffic Engineered optimisation
  • Backbone optimisation

The first customer, a US-based global brand, contracted Aria Networks three months ago, to plan and optimise network capability across its complex global multi-technology network.  The project has successfully embraced both optimisation and network growth planning as well as predicting the impact of infrastructure failure on the network.

Using its patent-protected artificial intelligence algorithms, Aria Networks will now be running live analysis of traffic demands every five minutes to enable the network to orchestrate an optimised service for customers in real-time, regardless of geography, traffic requirements or time of day.

Douglas Gracie, Chief Operating Officer at Aria Networks comments: “This global innovator has truly embraced a software-defined vision of the future.  The company provides premium services and understands the need for the network to deliver whatever the circumstances.  Aria Networks has not only helped the company to more efficiently use the resources it has but is also helping the network to accurately predict future service levels in a variety of circumstances.”

“The rollout of the latest version of Aria Networks’ software suites to this global network proves the transformational impact of a software-defined approach.  This complex network can automatically respond to new demands placed on it, react quickly to failure scenarios and has improved its service level to customers in real-time.  Aria Networks’ latest software suite delivers proven optimisation benefits regardless of the size or complexity of the network,” continues Gracie.