Aria Networks, a leading provider of optimisation and planning software solutions for next-generation networks (NGN), today announced the introduction of iVNT TDM, extending their solutions to offer the telecoms industry unrivalled support for SDH/SONET and multilayer networks.

iVNT TDM provides the solution to communication service providers’ needs for planning and optimising SDH/SONET networks and introducing NGN services. iVNT TDM’s unique artificial-intelligence-based approach ensures return on investment in SDH/SONET is maximized while offering predictability for service evolution and migration activities.

Time division multiplexing (TDM) technologies, such as SONET and SDH, have found their way in to the majority of communication service provider networks thanks to their reliability, manageability and high bandwidth. By the end of the 1990s TDM was supporting core, backhaul and access networks to deliver fixed-bandwidth services to customers.

Demand for data services boomed at the start of the 21st Century. So did the service providers’ need for greater flexibility in bringing communication products to market. As a result demand for IP-based next generation networks (NGN) increased.

Today, service providers are faced with the task of managing a mix of network and service technologies. TDM continues to be used extensively. The operational environment is often more challenging now than it has ever been. Deployment of IP, MPLS and Ethernet alongside TDM requires management of hybrid networks, with each network layer putting dependencies on the other. The delivery and management of customer services also faces new issues as some services are migrated to IP while others are delivered by ‘emulated’ SDH/SONET pseudo-wires.

Aria Networks recognises that service providers must efficiently manage their TDM networks for the foreseeable future, but can no longer perform this task in a ‘silo’, separate from their data networks.

At the heart of iVNT TDM is the principal that service and circuit routing is the fundamental activity of a communication service provider. Optimal routing creates flexibility and results in efficient use of network resources. Aria Networks iVNT TDM satisfies the SDH/SONET planning, optimisation and analysis needs of communication service providers with an OSS application that understands how best to use the network.

When combined, Aria Networks’ suite of iVNT products for TDM, IP, Ethernet, Optical, MPLS-TE delivers multi-layer optimisation and planning. Through the application of industry-leading artificial intelligence techniques the iVNT suite is able to offer global optimal solutions for service routing that evaluates resource availability, technical constraints and business rules on all layers of the network. This capability is also applied to other analysis challenges including re-optimisation of existing services, ‘what-if’ scenarios, and network failure analysis.

“TDM remains an important technology and will likely still be in existence and evolving over the next decade,“ said Tony Fallows, CEO of Aria Networks.”Networks will not be IP only. They will comprise layers of technologies to best suit the service providers’ business requirements. For example, many TDM systems are used in the core of a network, to support long-haul structures, and to satisfy demands for strict service-level agreements. IP is important, but is only part of the complete solution.”

Planning and optimising TDM networks is now, more than ever, an exercise in reducing CAPEX while continuing to support high-value services in a hybrid, multi-technology network. Aria Networks iVNT TDM offers service providers the best solution for making the most of available resources while supporting the evolution to NGN.

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