Aria Networks, a leading provider of optimisation and planning software solutions for Next-Generation Networks (NGN) today announced the introduction of iForecast, an intelligent business analytics and decision-support solution for the Telecoms industry.

Predicting the future is an essential part of running any business. But in the data-rich world of Telecoms, the volume and variety of information available overwhelms conventional data analysis techniques. As a result, Telecoms companies can fail to uncover critical patterns in their data, resulting in incorrect and expensive decisions on anything from network investment to customer retention programs.

Launched today, Aria Networks’ iForecast product, is set to revolutionise business decision-making in Telecoms by applying artificial intelligence techniques to large and complex data sets, revealing – and explaining – hidden insights.

iForecast is an intelligent and flexible business analytics and decision-support software product that has been developed specifically for the telecommunications industry. iForecast exploits the vast amount of data in Telecoms companies to provide accurate and rapid forecasting of NGN infrastructures, the customer services that operate over these NGNs, and the capital and operational costs of operating NGNs and delivering services.

“Executive management in telecoms is demanding increased confidence and accuracy in its investment and strategic decisions in all parts of their business,” said Tony Fallows, CEO of Aria Networks. “iForecast offers the accurate and flexible business analytics and decision-support capability that enable them to fine-tune their decisions and at the same time give full insight in to the factors that are influencing their business. iForecast not only provides insight in to what is happening, but also how and why.”

iForecast is already in use for complex forecasting scenarios in world-class Telecoms companies, and is built using an Intelligent Forecasting Engine that has been in use for several years in the life-sciences and pharmaceutical industries by world leaders such as GlaxoSmithKline (LONDON: GSK) and Celera Diagnostics (NASDAQ: CRA), to predict complex disease development and the impact of introducing new drugs.

iForecast uses leading artificial-intelligence techniques to determine all patterns, relationships and correlations in the data, ensuring it is more accurate than traditional solutions that often use over-simplistic trend-based forecasting, which can lead to large errors, particularly in times of rapid change or economic turmoil. iForecast also uses techniques to reduce the impact of noisy and spurious data to build robust models that are less prone to error than competitive solutions.

iForecast can be used as a standalone application or can be integrated with Aria’s iVNT suite of planning and optimisation products. iForecast is easy to use and automatically generates reusable models based on the information presented to it.