• Aria Networks’ recently announced Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) optimizer adopted by European tier one network operator
  • Enables operator to optimise network performance for improved customer experience

A European tier one operator (former PTT) has deployed Aria Networks’ recently launched SD-WAN optimizer within their global network to deliver improved Quality of Service (QoS), automated repair of failure and network optimisation across all network layers and technologies.

The global service provider is using Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer to support network planning, traffic orchestration and optimisation of resource utilisation for the best quality and highest profitable service delivery.  Applications include improved oversight of where and when to carry out planned engineering works, the impact that these will have on service provision, financial performance and oversight of potential network vulnerabilities.  This allows the service provider to significantly reduce downtime and improve service levels.  Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer has helped the global network reduce response times to failure to less than five minutes and enables the network to carry out automated repairs that take into account improved QoS.

Tony Fallows, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aria Networks comments: “Having launched our SD-WAN optimizer earlier this month, this global network has already deployed the software to automate key aspects of capacity planning, orchestration and optimisation.  This delivers improved visibility of potential network issues and enables the service provider to improve significantly their customer’s experience”.

Aria Networks’ SD-WAN optimizer models complex networks to deliver an overview of network and traffic in a number of different scenarios, predictive and in near real-time. It integrates fully into the operator’s OSS business processes, delivering seamless network orchestration and management across the entire network and enabling a far richer oversight of service delivery performance and capacity utilisation. Uniquely, Aria Networks SD-WAN optimizer works across all network layers and technologies including multi-vendor networks, providing optimisation across even the most complex network architectures.

“As networks look to embrace Software Defined Networking, the SD-WAN optimizer is a critical step on the journey to delivering a more efficient and profitable network against an ever-increasing demand for data services across heterogeneous networks.”

About Aria Networks

Founded in 2005, Aria Networks is an independent and network-agnostic tool for network operators, data centres and high traffic internet services.  It facilitates the effective planning, creation and optimisation of networks and data centres, enabling the most effective use of resources, accurate planning for upgrades and rollouts and real-time analysis and resolution of hardware failures.  Aria Networks’ customers include some of the largest players in the internet space.