• Aria Networks: SDN and NFV initiatives at TM Forum Live
  • Vodafone-led showcase – how service providers can automate profitable delivery of business services
  • NTT led industry collaboration – how to maximize profit from 5G network slicing in real-time

09 May 2016, Booth 217, TM Forum Live, Nice: Aria Networks will showcase how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help service providers automate the profitable delivery of services across a range of scenarios.
These include:

  • A demonstration, originally developed in association with Vodafone and Amdocs, showing how enterprise VPN services comprising real and virtual elements can be optimally designed and delivered in minutes.
  • A TM Forum Catalyst collaboration with NTT, Ericsson, Viavi and WeDo demonstrating how a dynamic, closed-loop NFV orchestration solution can maximize profitability of 5G network slicing in real time.
  • A showcase of Aria Networks’ patented AI solutions for delivering fixed, mobile and OTT services that has already been deployed by some of the most valuable brands in the world to deliver automated network optimization.

The catalyst builds on last year’s demonstration which was awarded ‘Most Significant Contributor to a Catalyst Program of New Technology Solutions’. It will be showcasing the ability to dynamically adjust virtualized network functions in real time and monitor them constantly to maximize both technical performance, resource utilization and, critically, business profitability. Achieving this enables the service provider to continually achieve a network that is truly optimized, not only technically but also against business criteria.

Dr Jay Perrett, CTO of Aria Networks comments: “The end goal for service providers is a highly-automated business, based on intelligent consideration of all the factors that can affect profitability, from moment to moment. SDN and NFV add to the range of options that service providers have, which means more complex decisions to make. That’s the sort of problem that only AI can solve.”

“As part of the Catalyst at TM Forum we will demonstrate how 5G network slicing can ensure quality of service across all use cases through monitoring, predicting and extending or deploying new services in real time to ensure service delivery and network profitability.”


About Aria Networks
Aria Networks is an independent and technology agnostic software provider for Telecommunications, Cloud, Data Centre, Over-The-Top (OTT) and Social Network Service Providers. Aria Networks’ applications, underpinned by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, enable the online optimization of network and data centre resources. Aria Networks’ applications optimize the design, build and operation of networks from the Data Centre to the Internet resulting in a Business Objective Driven Network that delivers results straight to the bottom line. Aria Networks’ customers include Tier 1 Telecommunication Service Providers and the largest Global Internet Companies.

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