Six months proof of concept of Aria Networks’ new Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) solution successfully delivered

BGP enables the OTT service provider to more effectively model the impact of network behaviour on traffic across the internet

14 April 2015: Aria Networks, the UK-based provider of network planning and optimisation applications and services has today confirmed that a major over-the-top (OTT) service provider has successfully trialled its new Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) modelling solution on its network.

The US-based company originally approached Aria Networks, by referral, to solve an issue of limited visibility around available resources in its network.  Critically, the company needed to understand in more detail how its network would survive, and how it would continue to run, should a series of failures occur.  In addition, it also needed to further increase its knowledge of how complex manual changes could impact the routes of thousands of traffic-engineered (TE) tunnels.

Aria Networks deployed its recently launched BGP modelling application based on its patent-protected capacity planning and optimisation software, to align to the customer’s business objectives which included visualisation of any existing issues in the network that also needed addressing.  Aria Networks’ suite of applications models the customer’s network to address all areas requiring change, ensuring that it was then in a position to take better longer-term control of its network.

Wolrad Claudy, Chief Commercial Officer at Aria Networks comments: “Understanding your network and its potential weaknesses is critical to delivering better user experiences. By working in such a detailed way with this customer, to automate monitoring capabilities and optimise thousands of traffic-engineered, label switch path tunnels, we have already made a significant positive impact on their business.”

Aria Networks’ has been able to create and deliver a robust software solution that:

  • enables the customer to design an emergency repair mechanism that will assist it in surviving a network disaster or series of multiple failures
  • offers a centralised intelligent tool that has global visibility of the entire network, enabling optimum routing decisions to be made across the entire topology
  • delivers complete visibility of available, or used, capacity in order to identify where the resource is required or where redundant capacity can be used

The efficiency of the network has shown a potential 35% increase as the customer has immediately been able to identify, access and use more capacity in areas that were originally under-utilised.  The customer can also improve rates of network survival, based on single and multiple failures, which will, in turn, reduce the utilisation of previously congested links by 20%.  Another significant area of improvement is the time taken to plan how the introduction of new services will impact the network, down from several hours to just five minutes.

“We will now be working with the customer, who refers to its network as the world’s most complex multi-layer network, to move them up Aria Network’s Operator Maturity Index™, introducing advanced applications that include solutions customised to suit the service provider’s business,” continued Claudy.  “The expectation here is that this will then enable the customer to launch new services whilst ensuring it is little or no impact on the network and the existing services running on it, ultimately transitioning them to operate a full software controlled optimised network.”