OSS systems integrators can reduce the risk, time and cost of incorporating AI for prediction, optimization applications.

4 FEB 2020: BATH, UK — Aria Networks today announced the latest release of its AI-enabled software development kit (SDK) aimed at accelerating the development of solutions for analyzing and optimizing networks.

The SDK allows systems integrators, solution developers or in-house teams to leverage the power of AI in their own solutions, without requiring an extensive AI skillset. The net result is that they can deliver new solutions more quickly, at a lower cost, with effort focused on business value rather than managing technical risk.

Two application areas the latest SDK include specific support for are:

  1. building AI-based predictive models of network metrics such as utilization, latency, delay.
  2. optimal service path routing according to any number of constraints.

Using the SDK’s capabilities systems integrators and in-house OSS developers can simplify and accelerate the development of solutions such as:

  • transport network planning and capacity management
  • service fulfilment and assurance
  • autonomous and self-healing networks
  • dynamic network optimization
  • 5G network slicing

The SDK makes it easy for software developers to add an AI-powered prediction engine into network modelling and optimization applications. A few lines of code are now all that is required to build and use powerful AI-based predictive models of link utilization, latency or any other time-series based network metric.

At the core of the SDK is a Python API that provides a rich set of functions for building network and service models, assessing the impact of failures, optimal path computation (routing) and generating predictive models of network KPIs by harnessing the power of AI.

Aria’s SDK is already being used by a major telecom solutions vendor to generate predictive models for latency as part of a dynamic, closed-loop, predictive service assurance solution for a global BGP-enabled network.

The SDK also underpins the Aria Network Navigator (ANN) tool for complex network and service visualization and analysis.