If 2017 was the year of NFV, then 2018 looks like the year of “automation”. At least if the recent SDN/NFV Forum in The Hague is anything to go by.

And that’s good news because it’s a return to the historic focus for OSS.

The bad news is that over the last few years, almost everything that telecom OSS took for granted has changed:

  • Telcos aren’t the only option for consumers and businesses that want to be connected.

  • Video has exploded to become the primary form of traffic (and certainly the largest contributor to growth).

  • The cloud has turned conventional systems architecture choices and development processes inside out

Aria believes that strategies for transformation must reconcile the original goals of OSS – automation – with the new realities of telecom. To that end, breakthroughs offered by Artificial Intelligence techniques and abstraction represent essential enablers for a new trajectory for telecom operations. Towards automation at scale, and free from lock-in to individual network vendors and technologies.

On 1 November, Aria’s CTO Jay Perrett will join HeavyReading’s Sandra O’Boyle, plus Verizon, BT and others for a discussion on AI and Machine Learning in OSS.

Then on 2 November, we’ll join LightReading’s Ray LeMaistre at the workshop on Automation & the New Carrier Network for a panel discussion on automation and modelling.

We look forward to a lively and thought-provoking discussion!