Chinese SI BOCO Inter-Telecom uses Aria Networks’ AI to Orchestrate at Scale

27 APRIL 2017 – BATH, UK & BEIJING, China: Chinese systems integrator BOCO Inter-Telecom has announced the release of a new NFV Orchestrator, using Artificial Intelligence from Aria Networks to deliver automation at scale for some of the world’s largest virtualized networks.

The new AI-enabled NFV Orchestrator will be able to determine when to scale virtual functions in and out, in response to current and predicted demand, and optimising for cost, service experience and other criteria – all without human intervention.

Automated operations will be a key theme at next month’s TM Forum Live! Event in Nice, where BOCO will present a case study on Next-Gen OSS for hybrid virtual/physical networks together with China Mobile.

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“The focus of many Orchestration initiatives has been to prove the concept, and test interoperability,” said Aria Networks CTO Dr Jay Perrett. “But the real operational challenge is automating design choices in dynamic networks with thousands of nodes. To operate at scale, Orchestration needs a brain. That’s what Aria is providing for BOCO’s NFV Orchestrator.”

BOCO’s NFV Orchestrator is based on two leading opensource initiatives: the China Mobile-led Open-O, and AT&T-led Open ECOMP initiatives (now merged under Linux Foundation auspices as Open Networking Automation Platform). The new product extends those initiatives with considerations for orchestrating very large-scale networks.

Michael Chen, CTO of BOCO Inter-Telecom, who leads the development of OSS for some of the world’s largest networks, commented: “A conventional approach to designing change based on static policies will not scale for large-scale, dynamic networks. Aria’s AI provides our Orchestrator with optimal solutions to conditions that may never have been encountered before. That means service providers can be truly agile in responding to market demand.”

BOCO’s NFV Orchestrator will be released at the end of May 2017.

In December 2016, BOCO and Aria Networks announced a strategic partnership aimed at enabling service providers to achieve new levels of automation, intelligence and efficiency through Next-Gen OSS, SDN/NFV and Artificial Intelligence.

Aria Networks and BOCO will both be attending the upcoming TM Forum Live! Event in Nice, 15-18 May.

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