Aria Networks webinar helps service providers create the most effective network

  • Solving real-world business issues for networks including power costs and service levels

30th June 2015: Aria Networks announces a free webinar to help telecommunications operators and service providers create an optimal network across IP and optical layers.

The webinar, which takes place on 2nd July at 16.00 BST, will be hosted by Dr Jay Perrett, CTO of Aria Networks, and aims to help service providers identify and solve key operational and business issues through multi-layer optimisation of networks.

Dr Perrett recently presented at TM Forum Live on the subject of ‘Solving real-world problems using software-defined business objectives’, demonstrating the optimisation of multi-layer networks for some of the world’s leading OTT service providers using artificial intelligence (AI).

In one example, Dr Perrett showcased AI delivering the 10 most optimal solutions from 1.1 thousand billion options in a matter of a few seconds.

“Finding the optimal path through complex modern networks is the epitome of an impossible puzzle,” commented Dr Perrett.  “Complex AI algorithms can solve problems that would take thousands of years for people or computers to face in moments.  This means that any network can be optimised against multiple different parameters such as cost, service level or even power consumption.”

As well as highlighting Aria Networks’ expertise in network optimisation, the webinar will also demonstrate how service providers can:

  • create a virtual description of the problem to help identify the solution
  • clearly define business objectives; “What does good look like?”
  • Bring together financial and technical considerations to form a single software-defined, business-driven objective

Dr Perrett has also authored a white paper on the subject: ‘Evolution to a Business-Driven hybrid network in the world of SDN, NFV and LSO’, which will be available to download from Aria Networks’ website.