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Maximizing Profitability Through NFV Orchestration

Service providers are starting to use Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to enable a more flexible response to customer and market needs.

The question is, how to ensure that NFV also provides a more profitable response for the service provider.

And that’s where orchestration can make or break the NFV business case. The right kind of orchestration is essential to realizing the true business value of NFV.

Listen to Aria on the Intel Network Builders webinar to explore maximizing profitability through NFV Orchestration

We’ll be referencing real world examples including:

Orchestration of 5G network slices, based on an award-winning TMForum collaboration

Orchestration of dynamically created VPN services, showcased by Vodafone at Mobile World Congress

And exploring the new anatomy of Service Fulfilment: Design, Planning, Monetization, Automation, Optimization and Oversight.

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About the presenter: 

Dr Archie Wade specialises in research and strategy at Aria Networks, where he has worked for more than two years.  Archie was recently instrumental in the development of Aria Networks’ NTT-led industry collaboration at Tele-Management Forum Live entitled How to maximize profit from 5G network slicing in real-time.  The catalyst, which was supported by Ericsson, Viavi and WeDo demonstrated how a dynamic, closed-loop NFV orchestration solution could maximize profitability of 5G network slicing in real time.

Dr Wade has a PhD in Optimisation Techniques for Wireless Network Design from the University of Cardiff and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  His research was supported by the European Union and he has worked on research projects for OFCOM based on spectrum sharing of unlicensed spectrum bands.

Previous to working at Aria Networks, Dr Wade was an environmental entrepreneur.

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