Mobile World Congress 2013

Posted on: 21st February 2013


Mobile World Congress is just around the corner. Whether you’re going to Barcelona or not, and whether you’re ‘in’ the mobile industry or not, it seems like everyone is focused on the latest technology release or the future of communications.

It’s the same for us at Aria Networks. We love looking at the shiny new handsets on show at this time of year. But for us, mobile capacity management is an all-year thing.

As an MWC special I’ve pulled together a collection of our latest white papers, videos, demos and presentations. You can see them all here.

This little lot covers capacity management challenges such as

  • Evaluating the benefits of back haul fiber roll-out for LTE cell sites
  • Impact/cost forecasts for growth in smart phone customers
  • Planning of Wi-Fi hot-spots for traffic off-loading

We are increasingly seeing back haul and core planning being ‘joined-up’ with cell site and RF planning, as well as greater sharing of plans with marketing/sales teams to ensure all parts of the organisation are ready to sell and deliver mobile broadband services. Many service providers are considering capacity management solutions to improve their 4G service launch capabilities and on-going network planning activities.

After the excitement of MWC, if you’re asking yourself ‘how can my network deliver all these great services to more and more devices’ I would be very happy to arrange a time for you to talk to us. Just drop me an email or phone.

Until then click here to learn more about using Mobile Capacity Management to design and build efficient, reliable and profitable LTE networks.