iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 delivers solutions for LSP design, optimisation, network capacity management and service assurance. This new version makes it quicker to get started and easier to use your existing planning and network data sources.

iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 automates operational MPLS processes for fast, error-free delivery of LSP services. Telecoms operators benefit from significant savings in capital expenditure and accelerated planning cycles for far greater insight into the current, and future, capabilities of the network.

iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 integrates with your existing vendor management systems or OSS data sources and is able to support planning scenarios that analyse even the largest MPLS networks.

Compared to planning processes that rely on traditional engineering tools, spreadsheets and databases, iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 users see a range of benefits:

  • Transform complexity into simplicity and free your skilled resources
  • Planning cycles are reduced from weeks to just a few hours
  • Planning becomes more frequent, agile and able to react quickly to change
  • Cost-effectively manage multi-vendor assets
  • Reduce outages and time-to-restore
  • Deliver superior service and network quality

iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 new features include:

  • A simple to use Excel interface for importing network data  and forecast service demands
  • Configurable user interface menus that allow your automation, analytics and scripts to be executed as easily as core functionality
  • Support for the optional Cisco, Alcatel Lucent and Juniper NMS adapters

iVNT MPLS-TE 2.3 can be licensed for deployment on users workstations or centralised server resources. Contact [email protected] to learn more and request a demo.