When:  Thursday 17th December, 4pm

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If you’re planning on using SDN/ NFV technology it’s important to make sure that all aspects of network and service evolution are considered to ensure the investment provides a future proof solution. Dr Jay Perrett, Chief Technology Officer, Aria Networks will discuss the need to create a ‘closed loop system’, which is often overlooked, that can automate network operations – necessary if business driven optimisation is to be realised.

SDN provides the separation of Data and Control, NFV provides the separation of hardware and function.  SDN and NFV are facilitators to enable change to be orchestrated in the network but there is another stage that is missing – the intelligence to decide what changes need to be made to the network or the service placement and when.  It is this intelligence and the separation of network/service engineering from operational staff that is missing.   This third separation is essential for a fully automated closed loop that enables business driven optimisation to be realised.

About the Speaker

Jay-Perrett-Aria-Networks“Jay has spent over 25 years developing evolutionary computing and Artificial Intelligence in academia and industry. Jay is the key architect of Aria Networks DANI, iVNT and iForecast. Jay has spent many years working in the telecoms market (Bell-Labs, Lucent, Movaz, and Redback) and in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical markets. Jay has considerable experience developing and bringing innovative products to market as he was a founder and head of R&D at Darwinian Neural Networks Industries and the CEO of Applied Insilico”.



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