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Predictive Analysis

Analyse current and historical data to make predictions about future growth.

Aria Network Navigator | Forecast Linear Growth

The Aria Networks Solution gives you the power to see the network in a quick and easy way.

Utilising historical data, trends and forecasted service demands, the tool can predict and simulate potential future scenarios and optimal network states.

This is especially useful for the teams that support large enterprise customers. With a clear view of each customer’s network and how it is delivered, account teams can spot potential issues, suggest enhancements and keep one step ahead of customer needs.

Providing, just in time optimal planning by only building new network elements when and where they are needed. The result of this decreases large inventory stock therefore reducing CAPEX.

By implementing predictive analysis, planning becomes leaner and far more accurate. Aria provides the continual use of forecasting results in optimal network usage, planning and design.

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Forecast high-level of demands.

Visualise whether your current network can keep up with demands.

Simulate future changes to cope with demands.

Plan service roll outs.

Customize and Extend to your network.

Aria Network Navigator Predictive Analysis