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Intelligent Virtual Network Topology

The iVNT Planning and Optimisation Tool gives you the power to enhance and plan routes for large topologies without affecting the live network.

Through the creation of an abstract Multi-Layer, technology and vendor agnostic network model, it gives users the ability to explore how the networks and all services are configured and delivered across all infrastructures.

iVNT is a desktop application providing a graph-based network model and AI engine for complext multi-constraint service routing, design and optimisation.

This tool is mainly aimed at helping network and capacity planners, removing any guesswork and headaches around network modifications and expansions.

iVNT runs as a software application which can be installed on your PC/Server/Cloud.

Network and service topology data can be sourced from:

Live network, via NMS, controllers and suitable adapters.

OSS, (inventory, orchestration), using standard export.

CSV files or spreadsheets, via translator.

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Aria Network Navigator | Intelligent Virtual Network Topology

Aria Network Navigator

ANN gives the power to see the network in a quick and easy way. To explore how networks and services are configured and delivered across the infrastructures and layers of the network(s).

Unlike iVNT, ANN is a web-based client for a read-only network visualisation – with the ability to show a multi-layer view in a variety of formats.

This tool is mainly aimed at enterprise and network executives, as well as those working in service assurance, supporting these teams that are working closely with a large customer base.

ANN is designed to be used with the information that already exists in your business. Using a standard format, ANN can render any kind of network topology information.

When combined with Aria iVNT or Aria Intelligent Visualisation (“IV”), users can see an up-to-date view of the network, and expert users can run more advanced analysis.


Aria Network Navigator (ANN) runs as a web-based application that can be accessed through a web browser.

This means that many different users can navigate just the networks that are relevant to them.

ANN can visualise any network whose structure is represented in a JSON file format.

This is available as a standard export from the Aria Networks iVNT capacity planning platform but can also be created from other sources such as spreadsheets or inventory tools.

Aria Network Navigator | Network Visualisation