Aria’s products represent a uniquely powerful set of capabilities for accelerating, automating and optimizing the business of service delivery over complex networks.

Service providers today must deliver more and more capacity, within ever-faster timeframes. And ensure that service quality is maintained, whatever else might happen on the network.

Aria’s products help service providers by providing the answers to critical questions, such as:

  • where and when will we run out of capacity?
  • where could I provide the same quality of service but at lower cost? 
  • how are services affected in the event of a failure?
  • what would be the worst case failure in my network and how can I mitigate it?
  • should I scale up a new VNF or use one in a different data center?
  • is it better to use physical or virtual resources?
  • what happens if I change the network?

Aria’s Predictive and Dynamic Optimization ensure that service providers anticipate and respond to trends and events in the most intelligent way possible.

Deployment Options

Aria’s unique AI-powered capabilities can be accessed in a number of ways:


As a conventional on-premise, client/server application behind a customer’s firewall.


Cloud-based, apps pre-defined for a range of users from Sales & Marketing to Network Planning. Public or private cloud environment.


For closed-loop automation in concert with third party orchestration, workflow, provisioning, analytics, policy management tools.

Regardless of deployment option, a typical customer solution incorporates a mix of Aria capabilities, including:

  • Visualization: interactive views and navigation of complex network topology, service, traffic, routing, hotspots and more. Multi-layer and vendor-agnostic.
  • Analysis: Identification of vulnerabilities and worst case failures in connectivity, resilience, revenue.
  • Routing: any service type, any network, and to a wide range of technical and commercial constraints.
  • Optimization: holistic and automated; predictive and dynamic.